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How to De-Stress Before Bed (Tips and Tricks)

During these strange and crazy times, it’s completely understandable if you’re feeling a little stressed and burnt out by everything that’s going on. From juggling a work and personal life to nurturing your relationships, there’s a lot you need to take care of. Of course, if it starts to overwhelm you, it can overlap into your night-time routine and subsequently impact your sleep – which nobody wants. Night-time is for fun and relaxation, not driving yourself crazy! So, let’s look at some super effective tips and tricks designed to help your de-stress before bed.

Play games on your smartphone

You have an iPhone or Android, right? Great. You can use your smartphone to play games before bed. It’s one of the best ways to distract your mind and have some light-hearted, harmless fun. You can even play under your bed covers for extra comfort. These days, there are thousands (even millions) of games for you to choose from, including adventure and puzzle games. However, if you want the ultimate night-time entertainment experience, you should join an online casino. Want to play poker? No problem. Slots and roulette? Let’s go!

Light some candles or incense

Nice fragrances have been scientifically shown to improve people’s moods. For example, some vanilla-scented candles or incense are a sure-fire way to relax your senses and create a relaxing bedroom environment where you can let go of any nagging thoughts or worries. The best part about the current candle and incense market is that there are so many fragrances to choose from; it’s incredible. Japanese Rose, Sandalwood, Rose, Lavender – you name it, you can buy it! In fact, it’s worth experimenting with all the different kinds of candles and incense you can find until you settle on your favorites.

Dim the lights

Super bright bedroom lights can strain your eyes and keep the brain overstimulated while your body prepares for sleep. This is why it’s a good idea to dim your bedroom lights after it goes dark outside. This will ensure that you can relax and switch off your mind without being blinded by the lights!

Take a bath

If your home has a bath, you should make use of it before bed. Taking a bath helps to relax your muscles and calm the mind – plus, if you stick some music or podcasts on in the background, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven. Nowadays, you can also add different kinds of soaps and bath bombs to your bath for an extra touch of luxury.

Do some reading

For centuries, people have read books at night to relax. And, unsurprisingly, people still do this to the present day, as books are a great alternative to screens because they don’t strain your eyes or increase mental fatigue!

Write a journal

Writing a journal entry at the end of every day helps to organize your mind and gives you a clear perspective on the day’s events. Your journal entries don’t need to be huge – even if it’s just a short paragraph to summarize the day, it’s better than nothing. It’s worth investing in a nice journal and pen that you can write with while lying in your bed. This way, it won’t feel like a chore – instead, you’ll enjoy doing it.

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