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April (2021)

Yay, i like Quiz! hell yeah!

What would you look like in anime? (cool deions)
Your Result: unique and stunning

Your spikes hair is the color of fresh peaches and stops about an inch below your ears. Your eyes are magenta and gleam in the light. Your skin is tanned and you are dressed in a purple tank top, bright yellow shorts and a pair of neon green converse all-stars.

mysterious and attractive
dark and beautiful
cute and sporty
pretty and innocent
girly and elegant
What would you look like in anime? (cool deions)
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14 Juni 2009  | Haha,.. inget bättre för mig | 4 kommentarer
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Skrivet av bellamaya den 9 April 2020 04:26
Kortspel i realtid som kan ändra ditt liv till det bättre genom att följa reglerna i spelet på webbplatsen som jag har tillhandahållit. För här bara med billig kapitalinsättning kan du uppnå stora vinster.

Skrivet av gynamaya den 9 April 2020 04:25
LuoFeng became Lord galaxy? "North America big 6, the base of the city of Washington, a group of high-level completely astonished." The Lord of the Milky Way galaxy? "" how can, before we get from virtual universe of material, not the network said cosmic the strong can get more than 10 planet when the territory, only the world can be a gift a galaxy when territory? According to the material, the world exist, but turn hand can destroy the earth the terrible universe, even the stars, the White Dwarf star, in the Lord before there, never mind that. How is the LuoFeng gift a galaxy? "The united a group of high-level are very shocked. Five power on earth, although all are grateful to LuoFeng, not unlike that of the Chinese nation and bones related by blood and other powers actually are a little, little not great, and why the earth is the lords Chinese people? How can I the people, why cant I India is from? And, of course, didnt who dare surface puts forward, but now the news that they completely astonished." Everyone, please allow me to explain it in detail and everybody, the day of war, representative of meaning. "A golden girl said," after hearing, believe you will understand LuoFeng now identity, exactly what it means. Why can get could be compared to the world of the treatment. "The Milky Way lords?" "Ha ha, LuoFeng really bad, old king, how much of our Milky Way galaxy life of planet?" According to our virtual universe from the information obtained from the network, the Milky Way has more than 210000 single life of the planet. "" ha ha, 210000 more than one planet life? It is LuoFeng? , give us the earth for a deep breath, also give our Chinese people argue my breath. We Chinese people, although they believe why planet native, can we this native emitted a day, in the universe can be blunt to human third ah. "Five big powers on the earth, each base the leadership of the city all get the news, for, the galaxy le lords, identity and affair. But the leadership does not tell ordinary people, in fact, on the earth, the general public to understand the universe is not much, high earth didnt want ordinary people so is full access to the universe."

Skrivet av beats by dre australia den 10 September 2012 07:54
Is like a such person for Zhao Fei, as long as agreeing with stomach, how all say."Do not set almost, dont think set almost make me pass you, in a month, your training measures than the other people much and pretty much of a, oneself remembered.The somebody else does ten Fus to lie to support, you aware of self ground to do for me 1 flew Pie to make open one eye, not salty not and thinly say."Is all right, all right. beats headphones "Make open to quickly order a head, " military instructor havent you answered my question.""Answer what, Hey Hey, boy, quite good, you are the first person who dares to flirt Zhao Tou." In this time, a military instructor from made open to after death walk to come over, the hand inside still takes a lunch box.These military instructor come of time have a serving cart follows of, they have a meal their theys solutions, dont eat at dining room in the school, this has already become a tradition, however make open to pour is feel so the soldier is pretty lovely, there is own principle.Part passes the lunch box in the hand to seek to fly, this military instructor part smilingly say towards making open."I say that two military instructors, can you dont be my noodles to have a meal?"Let Zhao Fei toss about for exactly a morning, make open early front the heart carried on the back after sticking, two military instructors so above boardly had a meal in front of him, the flavor of that meal lets to make open of be more getting suffered more in stomach. beats by dre headphones "Take care of me what matter, the darling stands for me, that young girl came, after finishing drinking water prohibit to talk, in a short while arrived 12:30, oneself fucks off."Zhao Fei turned over a cold stare, protest opened lunch-box to take no cognizance to make open, Be eating and saying.Looking at braising in soy saucing of lunch-box inside meat, make open to cannot help but swallowing spittle, hungry."Make open to drink water."Lee is fine to run to come over, passed the mineral spring in the hand to make open.Looking at a Lee fine pure white forehead, neck that close sweat bead above, that in the mind hid feelings for seven years to flow out out a while.Was strong to endure oneself dont do the action that rude in behavior, beats by dre headphones make open water that once connected fine Lees pass over here hoarse the throat say:"Thank.""Ha ha, boy, your girl friend?Can be really good to you."Flank that military instructor Be having a meal and saying with a smile.Although say to is a military instructor, in fact they none of ages is old, flies of the age still greatly order and estimate 78, 20**of appearance, these military instructors is at most also 34 years old.Make open to remember oneself time of military training in the senior high school a week, those military instructors are also a little sergeant.But at present these military instructorses seem to is all military officer, however in addition to taking the colonel of brigade and Zhao Fei, the others are all pure Wei officers of one "Not be not."Lee is fine original because is blazing hot to become rosy face, immediately become dizzy and red, hear the words of this military instructor, hurriedly stammer explanation way.

Skrivet av beats by dr dre den 21 Augusti 2012 07:49
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