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Augusti (2022)


As you probably can tell...I have not updated this blog that much. Well, the simple reason is that I have been busy. Guess it is a good sign too in some ways. The week has been good. Last Wednesday did C and I go to the stable in early morning for some horseback riding in the morning (!!!). We usually go in the afternoons. It was so beautiful and cosy. The sun was shining and everything was just so peaceful (except for the horse C was riding..the horse wanted to go waaaay much faster than C wanted). Anyway, loved it.

Beautiful weather

The mountains in the background


We have plenty of snow here and I love it (even I want spring and summer to come too). But it is so much better with a "real" winter instead of rain and a muddy ground.

Right outisde the school buildings
These hills are made for the Swedish cross country skiers who are practising for the coming world championship which will soon take place here in Östersund.

Have been studying pretty much this week, spent time with friends, wished mom happy birthday and started to think about my future. Want to do a practical school term abroad (and later on also study one semester in another country). I just do not know how, when and where. Or I do have some wishes..but, gaaaah. I don´t know.

31 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

it has just been a crazy evening and night. gaaah. but i needed it. i have started to let myself do things i have not done before or have not done for a long time..yay.

just crazy.

27 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
Some changes

I have colored my hair.
Not blond anymore.
Even I liked it.
But I needed some changes.

25 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer

First day at school with lecture, did some horseback riding during afternoon and in the evening, Oscars - the student restaurant/pub at campus.
A great day.

Me ready for the stable

It was snowing and of course we just had to jump.

Me and C

M and N

Gucci eating chips
[yes, she liked it]

24 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 6 kommentarer
back in Östersund

Has been wonderful days. I just think it is so unfair that some friends live so far away. I am back in Östersund and my first plan was to go to school today, but since it was snow chaos in Stockholm did not my flight leave until about 1.5h after schedule. Hmpf. Well I am going to just realxe and soak everything in - live my life.
22 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar
On my way to Stockholm

Sitting on the train now. Using my cell to get on the Internet. Gaah, Im so excited about everything!!
18 Januari 2008  | Länk | Resor | 1 kommentar

- I have made my last day at D.
- L will come to Sweden tomorrow!!!
- I´ll go to Stockholm and Uppsala for a long weekend and meet L

17 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar

I just hate to see these kind of pictures.
Hate it. Hate it. hate it.


I am doing some laundry and will later go to the new Sushi-bar with C and eat dinner. Great. Tomorrow is my last day at D. Feels so weird, but good too (really good - even I´m sad to say goodbye...but I will come and visit them, for sure!)

I am ready to face the real, wonderful and great life (and it´s already facing me). Yay. Friday is soon here too! Can not believe it!! Let me put it in this way: life is treating me great right now and there are so many wonderful things to be thankful of. I am smiling. Love.

16 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
Life is Wonderful

Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life goes full circle
Ah la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la

As Jason Mraz is singing in the song Life is Wonderful. Gaaah. I can feel the life. The real life. Amazing. Awesome. Wonderful. Yay! It has been a great day (even it´s Tuesday - wow!!) I am going to clean the apartment and tonight will my closest friends from school come over for dinner. They are back in town and I haven´t seen some of them since June last year. Oh, gosh. I have changed a lot since then. I actually unexpected met one of them downtown today . I could just smile and hug her over and over again. Going to be a great evening! I can feel it.

I have also got so many great comments today. Gaaah. I am so full of life and there aren´t many days until Friday and L will come to Stockholm!!! YAY!

Ok. Gotta clean the apartment, set the table and prepare dinner.
Take care!

15 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar
Sunny Sunday

Slept pretty long this morning and then met T at a cafe for some fika. Cozy. We made some Tacos for dinner and now..gaaah - just so tired.

outfit for today


We´re listening to some music, T is taking a nap and I am thinking of to do the same or read Elle. Hmm.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

13 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
Saturday evening

Started of course with Edith Piaf!

yay. we like earrings

Billy, enjoyed our company

13 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar

And I just going to spend time at home since I am not feeling that well. What are you doing today?

update 16:18
wow. my stomach doesn´t hurt so bad anymore. yay. ate some yoghurt earlier and it all went good. i´m so relieved. but i´m scared it will come back. but, hey. why worrie about something you really don´t know how it will be like. gonna think about something else and just try to live the best as i can. enjoy my life. 

have been smiling a lot today. i can just feel everything coming closer to me now and i am listening to it. i am listening to myself. breathing. and aaah, i´m just smiling. there are so many things happening now. good things. i am smiling again.

- L is soon on her way to scandinavia. yay.
- my friends are coming back to Östersund!!!
- the common week will be my last at D!
- i have start to feel life again
- i´m trying to ignore what my body says (because that´s just the best now)

and remember; if you get mad, get mad.

12 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

Has been a cozy day. Two friends came over for a afternoon snack. Have played some guitar and watched a movie and I will soon watch another one together with T.

I do not get it. I am so tired but have never slept as much as I am doing right now. Weird. Nevermind.

Talked with N today and it really came on my mind that everyone is coming back to town soon. Gaaah. Awesome.

Will from tomorrow be at D again. I do not know what I feel about that. Pretty anxious about everything, I think. Well I have to make it (I will make it) and try to ignore some people who can destroy my rebuilded wall. But we are going to the horses tomorrow. That is a YAY!

10 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

Went to the stable again this afternoon. Aaah. I can really breath there.
Love it. We went out for a trip in the woods.

Me, Pelle ("my" horse), a friend, her horse + her dog and the woods
we ran at a 
gallop too
love it

sorry..the pictures are a bit blurry.
but my camera on the cell is not the best one..

9 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 4 kommentarer

plans for today
- go to D and eat lunch
- visit the horses
- perhaps meet T
- watch a movie (?)
- play some guitar (?)

9 days left.

9 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

Anna Nalick
- Wreck of the Day
- Breath (2 AM)

Maria Mena
- Nevermind Me
- Internal Dialouge

Edith Piaf
- Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
- La Vie En Rose


Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Carrie Underwood - I´ll Stand by You

Coralie Clément - Samba de Mon Coeur Qui Bat

And if this is giving up then I´m giving up,
if this is giving up then I´m giving up, giving up.
- Anna Nalick -

I´m feeling totally weak today. Hate it. Hate everything (in one usual). I am fighting. But next week will all my friends from school come back to Östersund after their practical school term. Gaaah. It´s gonna be awesome!!! Miss them a lot..

8 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar
The stable

Have been to the stable and it was so cozy and nice. Loved it! The weather was great and I, for the first time in life, sat in the sulky. My friend borrowed a sulky for two and I got the chance to control it!! YAY! Me, my friend, my friend´s dog, the horse and the wonderul snowy forest. Lovely.

The view from the stable

Me, getting ready for the trip with the sulky
Little Emil, the horse my friend is taking care of

Buster, a crazy but cute dog
[not my friend´s though]

Getting ready for the trip! Many straps to know where they should be.

7 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer

Went to D today and ate some lunch. Feels weird to be back, but good at the same time. Was really nice to see everyone again. I have missed them...

Mom called me and we are all invited to a party in Stockholm in February. Yay. Going to be fun, I think. But what to wear?? Hmm. Have to think about that.

Plans for today
- Visit the horses together with J
- Take a loooong and warm bath
- Talk with L

The choir starts today, but think I´ll skip it since I´m having a cold.

Over and out.

7 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar

but one day.

7 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
Year 2007


Started at E´s place with great dinner, fireworks and a New Years Eve walk through the city. I organized a reunion with the Caravan group in Stockholm (the group of girls I travelled around in North Carolina, USA in summer 2006). I continued the second semester in Östersund. I thought scrapbooking was a great hobby. Traveled to Sälen (skiresorts) with a bunch of people. We had some wonderful days with lot of downhill skiing and laughter.

New Years Eve Walk in Norrköping

The Caravan reunion in Stockholm





Gosh. It was soooo cold in Östersund. I watched the whole Simple Life Series. Weird. I didn’t feel that well and a lot of things happened in my life, mentally. I got contact with some people who have changed my life. C and I had many movie-nights.



T and I had a picknick on my desk around 5 AM. Listened to music, candles all over the room and just talked. Crazy, but fun! Mom and dad bought their new car. D (a friend in school) turned 30 and had a BIG party in Ljungaverk. Gosh. It was a totally crazy time. Interesting.




The choir sang a wonderful mass. My nephew turned 5. Wow. I went to Norrköping and visited family and friends. Drove the new car (which I really like to drive). It was storm in Östersund (glad I wasn’t there then) and the roof broke at school because of the hard wind. Mom, dad, our exchange student and I went to Rome, Italy. Great to get some spring-feeling (since it’s still kind of winter in Östersund during that time of the year). A wonderful trip, but hard in many ways too. In the end of April was it time for me and my friends to go by train to Uppsala and celebrate the last day of April. A magical day. We stayed at my brothers’ place and everything was just crazy. I still don’t get how I made it.

Reading some fashion magazines (Norrköping)




C (our exchangestudent) me and dad in a park in Rome


Uppsala: Me and N



Spring finally started to come in Östersund. C and I started to take long walks and sit by the lake. Wonderful. I and E baked cinnamon buns. C was everyones’ hair dresser. I run ”Vårruset” (a race) in Norrköping and had no idea how I actually made it. My body wasn’t in a good condition at all. A big meeting in Örebro with the churches. I turned 23 and had a birthdayparty/goodbyeparty (since everyone was going to different cities during next practical schoolterm). It was sunny and warm weather in Östersund and I tried to focus on good things in life..but it was hard. Didn’t feel good at all. I made some really hard (but good) descisions.

E, baking cinnamon buns

Me and C



I ended the second semester in school. Me and my friends in school were having picnic outside in the beautiful, warm weather. I packed my things and moved them to a new apartment and then left Östersund for a summer in Norrköping. My cousin graduated from school. I was a music leader at a camp. Loved it! Me and my friend A-L spent some wonderful time - sat by a lake and ate strawberries. I took care of a group of Americans (The Caravan). Spent some time in Gothenburg and celebrated a rainy Midsummer. I also, together with some other people, guided them around in Norrköping and Stockholm. It was a wonderful time and I got the chance to meet a new wonderful friend. Our exchange student went back home after a year in Sweden. I worked a little bit at a kindergarten.

Graduation - Me eating strawberries



Silly games..




Worked some more at the kindergarten. Spent a week in the archipelago. Wonderful! Just wished the weather could have been better. Went on vacation together with my parents and we visited Skåne, Denmark and Germany. Experienced a beautiful sunset in Denmark. Magic. Went to a concert (the norweigen singer – Sissel Kyrkjebø) with mom and my aunt. My sister had a party in her apartment. Mom and dad went on vacation together with my niece and nephew. I took care of the house =)

Sissel - The archipelago in Sweden

Me, J and S

The archipelago in Sweden


The sunset in Denmark



My brother and his girlfriend came to Norrköping. I worked a little bit. Went to Stockholm and met T and A. I moved back to Östersund and got on the sick list for the rest of the semester. I started at D. T and I spent many evenings/nights and drank tea on my balcony. Dad had some work to do in Östersund and came and stayed at my place. I was really infirm and tired of everything.

J and his girlfriend walking around in Söderköping

In Stockholm: A and me

On my way back to Östersund



C came and visited me. Really great. I got stuck on Facebook what a great place to still be in contact with people. The first snow came on the 17th. Thank God it didn’t stay on ground. Started to ride horses again and realized that I’ve missed it a lot. Mom came to Östersund and we had some wonderful days in Östersund together. The weather was so beautiful.



I bought my new cellphone (Sony Ericsson W660i). My friend, A in Stockholm, came and stayed over the weekend. My niece turned 8. I bought Gucci, my cute little hamster. The whole month was pretty hard in many ways. I made the desicion to say no to some meetings and reunions. A tough period of my life. I started to hate Tuesdays. Me and some friends went to Åre and had a great day there. Yay for roadtrips. I started to love Choco Yogi Tea and had more contact with L in the States.



It was cold...



A horrible month in my life and I just want to forget so many things. I started to plan on my future and how to do with school, D and my life… I went to Uppsala to meet parts of my family. Fikade with C at Storken in Uppsala. Cozy. We also found an apartment to rent the coming semester in Östersund. I love to be with the horses. I said goodbye to some things in my life and it was really hard. I found my favourite restaurant in Östersund - Lilla Siam. There were some days I actually started to feel life again. I went to the movies and saw a French movie. I got stuck in the language, life and oooh, everything. Loved it. I cut my hair and did some arts and crafts.



Some arts and crafts..



I went to Norrköping to visit mom, sing in the choir and celebrate the first of Advent. Dad worked in Buthan. The choir in Östersund had a Christmas Concert, which I took part of. I visited the Christmas Market at Jamtli. Me and my friend A (here in Östersund) went to a Lucia Concert on the 13th. A great way to start the day. I started to talk with L in the States. I just love msn. I started to pack all my things, and moved everything to the new apartment right downtown. I cleaned the other apartment and go back to Norrköping to celebrate Christmas. The trip to Norrköping took some time – the aircraft had some technical problems, the other one was delayed, I missed my train connection, missed the last bus to Norrköping and had to stay one night in Stockholm when we finally got a plane to board. I ended up on a pub at Söder in Stockholm. Slept at C’s place. I celebrated Little Christmas at E’s place. Cozy and nice! I spent Christmas Eve together with my family. I bought a web camera and started to talk (and they were able to see me) with D in South Africa, L in the States and my sister =)  I babysat my cousins, met friends, had some fika at different cafés, had a great time with my niece and nephew and so on. I went to Stockholm and celebrated New Years. A crazy and funny day/night/morning.

Chrismas Market at Jamtli

Me singing with the choir

Talking with L in the States - Packing

Me and T at New Years in Stockholm (yes, she just got out from the shower)

A tired Lina?

Me and Brownie


Artists 2007
Anna Ternheim. Amy Winehouse. Christina Aguilera. Cornelis Wreeswijk. Edith Söderström. Elin Sigvardsson. Erika Janunger. Eva Cassidy. Fiona Apple. James Blunt. Jason Mraz. Jeff Buckley. Johnny Cash. Katie Melua. Kelly Clarksson. Lisa Ekdahl. Lisa Nilsson. Magnus Uggla. Maria Mena. Nathalie Merchant. Nelly Furtado. Nickel Creek. Norah Jones. Regina Spektor. Sonja Aldén. Sophie Zelmani. Superchick. Vanessa Carlton. Veronica Maggio.

5 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
Still here

Well, I just wanted to leave a short note and tell you all that I am still alive. I am working on a 2007 summary. Hopefully will I post it later today.
4 Januari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar

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