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November (2021)

Last day of 2007

Wow. It´s New Year´s Eve and the last day of the year. I was planning to write a summary with added pictures, but since I am not sitting by my own laptop, it´s kind of hard. But I probably will.

I am heading for Stockholm today. Yay. Going to be great. But I am not actually feeling ok..having a cold =/ Anyway. There will not be any updates here until about Wednesday/Thursday evening (when I am back in Östersund). Wish you all a..


picture from here

31 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

It´s raining outside..or is it a mix of snow and rain? Nevermind. Dark and wet. I am stuck on youtube (again) and listening to some songs a wonderful friend sent me a link about. Love it. Leaving for Stockholm tomorrow, will be great. Celebrate a cozy New Years Eve there and as soon as I can will I head for Östersund. Miss Gucci and think it´s going to be awesome in the new apartment and just be by myself for some days. 

Have been downtown today (as the days before today). Fikade with a great friend at a cozy café in this new renovated area of Norrköping. Love it.

Pictures from

30 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer

Going to meet my dear friend A-L today. Awesome! Do some shopping and just sit and talk over a fika. Yay. The sky is totally grey and it will start to rain pretty soon, I think. So a good day to sit inside, relaxe, talk and fika.

Gosh. I am so thankful over some people in my life. People who cares about me, and I care and love them. I need to think more about that, and trust what they are saying. And I need to focus more on good things.

- all my friends who shows their love
- fika with friends
- webcamera
- I am leaving for Stockholm on Monday
- my new jacket


29 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

Gaaah. I love msn. Dad bought a webcamera today...and I have been playing a lot. Talked (headset) and saw (webcam) my dear friend A-L and now is it my dear sister´s turn to see all my funny faces. Haha.

28 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

Today is one of the days when you just want to stay in bed..but I had a really great time between 12 and 17 (yay!). Fika with S, J and V. Lovely. Bought a new, nice jacket today, some make up and a note book for the coming class in school.

I think I´ll soon go upstairs and watch some movies. That is my social life for this evening. Wish I could see Sweeny Todd...

3 weeks left

28 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar
another conversation..

Elizabeth säger: on the phone and decided to see if you wre online

Lina säger: aha

Elizabeth säger: YAY! you are

Lina säger: im online, as usual

[the following part is happening all at the same time]

Elizabeth säger: hehe

Lina säger: hehe

Lina säger: haha

Elizabeth säger: haha

Elizabeth säger: wow!

Lina säger: liz

Elizabeth säger: yes

Lina säger: (just a reaction about our conversation)

Lina säger: haha

27 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

Gucci, my beloved hamster is on youtube now!! My friend, who´s taking care of Gucci over the winterbreak, has made a short film. Yay. Gosh, miss her so much. Click here to see the film. 

26 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 7 kommentarer

Meh. My camera seems not to work normal. The picture gets blurry and I have tried every single way to set the camera. There should be a special setting to change, but I can not find it. Gaaah. I am frustrated.

Slept really good tonight and did not wake up until around 10:30AM. Wow! At 5PM will I meet a friend downtown and later will we go to another friends´place to hang around. We haven´t met each other, all together, since a year ago. Long, long time. Will be fun!

26 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar
Christmas Day

Gosh. I have not been sick at all the whole fall..but now. Gaaah. My body is tired, I am mentally tired and I am getting a cold. Hmpf.

the best for today
- Going to talk with L
- The Paris CD
- Candles all around me
- Cozy clothes
- Wonderful friends I met earlier today

the worst for today

- Bad thoughts
- I am sick (or on my way to get sick)
- There is no snow outside

25 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar
French music

I got a wonderful CD from my brother and his girlfriend. They didn´t even know that I earlier have been so into France, the language and everything..

The music is really soft, some jazz-influenced and great to have as a background music. The only thing is that I can´t speak French and don´t know what they are singing about...well. You can buy it here. (Also where I got the picture from).


25 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer


önskar jag er alla!

24 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer
the day before christmas eve...

Have been singing today. It was awesome! I got calm and the last song was so powerful that I almost started to cry. Had some fika at S´s house (it was too crowded at church) and now are we going to eat some early dinner before my cousins will come. It is the day before Christmas Where did the fall go? Tonight will I wrap all the christmas gifts, listen to christmas music, light a fire in the open fire place, relaxe and try to enjoy my life and who I am.

Our Christmas Tree

Some of the ornaments..
My american snowman (it just have to be there) and a new one I just found..

My wonderful friend, S

My wonderful cousins, J and V

A bunch of friends

Me and S
[V is standing behind..haha]

23 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer
Little Christmas Party

I am soon going to E´s Little Christmas Party.


serious, I know..hee hee

22 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

What a trip back homehome..

I took the bus to the airport in Östersund. I think that was the only thing which really worked out fine. I checked in, sat and waited, boarded and there it all started. After been sitting there for about 15 min they told us they had a technical problem. Great. Im scared of flying...and now a technical problem. My first though was CRAP (hehe)..then I started to get scared.

Well after a few minutes they old us that they were expecting an expert from COPENHAGEN. Hmpf. That will takes it´s time. We all had to get off the plane, bring all our carry on luggage (quite a lot during this part of the year), go in to the terminal again and wait. And we all waited, waited and waited. Our departure should have been at 16:15. At around 17 they told us that we could go with the next flight (another aircraft) at 20:15. Yay. More than three hours until then. I was sooooo bored and mad at them..i know they did the best they could but still..gaaah.

When it was 19:45 and we all started to get ready, we got the message from the speakers at the airport, that the flight to Stockholm is delayed for about 45 min. GGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Another hour to wait. Great. We finally left Östersund at 21. About six hours since I took the bus to the airport. We landed at 22 and my last bus to Norrköping was at 22:45. Would I make it??

Of course it took some time to get my checked in suitecase and I missed the last bus. I had been sitting and wait forever, could not go with the train where I had a booked train ticket and missed the last chance to get home. I ended up in Stockholm (Söder) a Friday night in a pub togehter with C (who lives there) and her friends. Great to know people in Stockholm sometimes. It would have been hard otherwise. For those who had a connection flight got their tickets rebooked and a hotel room where they could sleep and then go home with another plane next day. Hmpf. Lucky them.

Slept at C´s place (so kind of her!!) and took the bus today. Finally at home and soon will I attend a Christmas Party. Going to be really nice and cosy.

That was my story from the last hours.

22 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

Gosh. I am so tired. Moved all my things to the new apartment this afternoon. Feels so good. I love the new one (even I do not live there yet...but soon!). Sitting by a freinds´computer in her apartment. Will sleep here tonight. Tomorrow will I go to "D", later on do some Christmas shopping and then it is time for me to go homehome...gaaah. Everything feels so strange, but in a good way. Christmas is getting closer.
20 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
An overwhelming moment

This is the last night in this apartment.. I have really enjoyed everything here; the furniture, the location, the colours and so on. Tomorrow afternoon is it time to move all my things. On Friday will I go to my parents´ house. Tomorrow night will I sleep in a friends´ apartment.

I will never, never, NEVER forget this fall. I have seen real darkness, got touched of other people I have met. I have learned a lot about myself and other people... Now it is time for me to move on.

I will go back to Östersund, start a totally new life in January, and share an apartment downtown with a great and wonderful friend. I will start to study again and live my life as good as I can. YAY!

It is just 2 days left here for this semester. Gosh.

One of the best moments..

[sorry for the quality..the picture is taken from another picture]

My packed things...

19 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 4 kommentarer
A record, I think.

Gaaah. Last night and early this morning, I think I broke my talking-on-the-phone-record (or actually msn, but hey, we talked!). It was just amazing and did not feel like five hours at all. Cool and I think we both needed it.

Well, I am off earlier today and think I am going to start to sort all my kitchen things out and pack them. I am tired of moving right now and wish I was in the other apartment NOW.

Then later on is it time for me to do the laundry. Yay. Or not.


I have been thinking of my life quite a lot today. The year is passing and there are so much going on in my life right now...I am excited but at the same time scared.

Lina 1985 & 2007

18 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

This is how I want it to be like, during Christmas and New Years in Norrköping.
It might stay just as a dream. Hmpf.

Pictures from Ulrika, my sister.
[February 2006]

17 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

Facebook does not let me log in. Don´t know why. It worked for just about 30 minutes ago. Weird. Wanted to answer messages..Well, guess this is kind of a sign for me to do something else, like get some lunch and later continue to pack and organize things.. I have so many things on my list to do the coming week. Gosh.  
16 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
Organizing and packing

Gosh. I. Am. So. Tired. Of. Packing.

Well have at least started to organize all my things. I have to finish everything on Wednesday night, at latest.

15 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
A list

French fries - Bread [Do not remember last time I ate french fries, but one day]

Olives - Mushrooms [Would love to like olives..but I do not. Hopefully I will learn one day]

Cheese - Ham [Since I am a vegetarian - NO meat]

Pizza - Popcorn [Like pizza too..but one day I will for sure enjoy it more]

Idol - Top Model [Like them both - music and fashion]

TV - Music [I am listening to music more than watching TV]

Dancing - Singning [Would love to take dance lessons]

Jam - Ketchup [One day will I eat more jam. Like it]

Santa Claus - Easter "witch" [Santa is just Santa]

Cinnamon - Sugar [Used to love suger..but I think I am more a "cinnamon-girl" right now]

Lucia - Lucia girl attendant [Lucia - so many candles]

Gingerbread - Toffee [Ate too much gingerbread dough as a kid so it is still hard for me to eat gingerbread]

Summer - Winter [Both of them in different ways]

Aircraft - Boat [I am scared of  them both, but they do have positive things too. Like helping me to travel to other countries]

Raspberry boat - Licorice boat (Candy) [None. I do not eat that kind of candy..chocolate is da shit!]

Marie from Idol - Amanda from Idol [Both of them..the two have totally different sounds] 

Swimming pool
  - Ocean [Both...but I love to see the wide open sea]

Wholemeal pasta
- Regular pasta [ should eat anything of everything]

The gym - The couch [But I should go to the gym too]

15 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar

Can not believe this. I slept 8 hours last night! Guess I needed it. Anyway. Today will I start to pack all my things. I do not want to get stressed during the coming week (I think I will anyway..hmpf).

It is so beautiful outside! The sun is shining over the snowy landscape. Wish we will get plenty snow at "homehome" too. I wanna get Christmas feelings there.

Well, gotta go and get all my suitcases from the basement and start to pack. Yay...or not. But the new apartment will be so nice, and to share it with a wonderful friend too. Awesome!

Wishing you all a great weekend!

15 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

I did not go downtown to meet one of my friends earlier this evening. She came to my place instead and we have been listening to music and just talked. Really nice!

But now...I can not sleep. Gaaah.

Plans for the weekend: PACK!

15 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar

Time is flying by and it is just one week left until I will go home for Christmas. Mixed feelings.

who’s taking care of you when you’re feeling sad
when everything turns into black
who shows you the way you can walk
when you don’t know where to go
Vem -
Lisa Nilsson

Found this song yesterday on my computer. Love it. But I think I know the answers. Or kind of. I have wonderful people and friends who are so helpful and a great support!  

Went to the horses today. Wonderful. But that was the last time..I am gonna miss Pepper...

I am crying. But the great future is in my hand and the life is waiting right outside of everything. This semester has been very special and an overwhelming time in my life. I have changed a lot. I am not the same Lina anymore - hopefully in a good way. But still... I am scared. Scared of what is coming.


I guess this is a "normal" reaction. To leave something you, at first, was scared of, then feel comfort with the situation and now change the situation again. But I have grown so much. I am gonna make this even if I am feeling sad right now. I will never forget this fall.

Let the feelings come and take care of them in a good way.

35 days left, my special friend!

14 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar
A normal conversation with Liz

Elizabeth säger:okey doeky

Lina säger:
okey doeky

Elizabeth säger:dokey

Lina säger:dokey

Lina säger:okej

Elizabeth säger:okej

Lina säger: ok

Elizabeth säger:ok


13 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer

[Picture from here]

Started the day at 5.15 and went to one of the churches here in Östersund. One friend was singing there because were celebrating Lucia today. It was so cozy, to at first, walk in the snow and cold landscape (beautiful!) and then go in to the church and listen to lucia/advent - and christmas songs. They were all really talented.

Outfit for today

Have done some arts and crafts at "D" today. Was really fun! We sat most of the time quite. Guess we all were concentrated..

Well, have to take care of things that must be done before I will go "homehome" for Christmas.

13 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar
Wednesday night

It has been pretty good the last two and a half days. I have been laughing a lot and just felt the life. That is a yay! Tonight though has been hard, but I think I am going it all through in a good way..or, kind of. Tomorrow is it Lucia and I and my friend will go to a church in the morning (it starts at 7AM) and listen to one friend who is singing there. Cozy.

I am so stressful..there are so many things to take care of at the same time right now. Gaaah.


12 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar

It has just been totally crazy today. But I was the one who were quite happy...or tired? Well I prefer that compered to be sad and filled with anguish.

I do not wanna go back to where I was. Never.

I have heard shriek of anguish...
I have seen the darkness..
I have seen the fear...
in a other persons eyes.

Poor little girl. I wanna save you from the darkness.

Tonight will the choir, where I am singing, have a party before christmas break. I guess there will be some fika and lots of chat and laughter. Lovely. And later on will I talk to my wonderful and special friend.

10 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
Christmas Market at Jamtli

The favourites of today
- The wonderful news from my special friend! now we can finally start to plan!
- Christmas Market with plenty of snow [last year was rainy and all muddy]
- Meeting two close friends
- The beautiful weather

- Internal Dialogue [Maria Mena]
- Earth Song [Michael Jackson]
- She [Peter Jöback]
- Hallelujah [Peter Jöback]
- Shy Boy [Katie Melua]
- Spiders Web [Katie Melua]

Thinking of to make me some tea and play guitar. Yay.

More pics on facebook.

9 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 5 kommentarer
Christmas Concert


Have been singing with the choir tonight. It all went well and I just looooove to stay on stage together with around 45 other people and sing Christmas songs like a gospel version of "O, Come All Ye Faithful", Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus" in a new version, "Silent Night", "A Child is Born" and many other songs. I am full of energy and tired at the same time..but good tiredness. Love it. Love it. Love it. Why can´t I sing all the time?! I feel free then...


8 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar

Yes. Thank God It´s Friday. This week has been tough - new people around me. I do not need to say more.

A wonderful friend made my day this afternoon! Yay. I LOVE internet, where I can talk to friends all over the world - US in this case. Lovely. Looking forward to Monday evening.

Did not visit the horses this afternoon, it was cancelled..meh. Have to learn all the songtexts for the Christmas Concert tomorrow. I want (and need to) know most of them by heart. Later will a friend come over and we are gonna watch the final of the Swedish Next Idol. Tomorrow is the concert at 18 and we´ll practice from 14. On Sunday will I and some friends visit the annual Christmas Market at Jamtli [the link is in English]. It´s so cozy. Love it.

One of my windows in my livingroom/sleepingroom

Another picture of my new haircut..










Outfit for today
black dress
- black tights/leggings
- scarf [not in the you can see]
- brown sweater [not in the picture..]

The day´s track
Maria Mena - Internal Dialouge

7 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar
it is late...

...and I can not sleep.
6 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

I just know that I am gonna get the chance to meet you again.
Pretty soon, I hope.

Love you!

Monday evening and I really hate these Mondays..but have been talking to a wonderful friend for a couple of hours and that means so much to me. The choirpractice today was awesome. I could not stand still while singing. Imagine everything at the concert with drums. Gaaah. Woke up at 4:25 AM this morning, or should I call it night..hmpf. Now I am pretty tired, but at the same time really excited about different things. Yay. Think I am gonna go to bed now. 


3 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 4 kommentarer
First of Advent

Have been singing today..I came with the plan to not be a part of the choir and just relax and listening to the songs..but one hour before the performance (my mom is singing in the choir so that is the reason why we were there earlier) I ended up learning two new alto parts and a new song. It actually went pretty well! Mom and I went after (after a short trip back home to change clothes) downtown and ate Thai-fodd. Gaaah, love it! Dad came home today but only with one of the two suitcases. One is still in Bangkok or hopefully on its way back to Sweden. The computer is (lucky me) back home and I can use Internet. Lovely. Tomorrow morning will the taxi be here at 5:15AM (!!!!) and take me to the trainstation. Then I am off to the airport. Gonna be nice to go back home to Östersund.

Bought new riding pants and short chaps today (everything goes in black). Awesome. And I really needed it. Ok. That was interesting..hehe. Just wanted to share with you my happiness of bying horse things.

This evening has been relaxed. Dad lit the open fireplace and I had a footbath and drunk choco yogi tea (of course) in front of it. That is life.

Well, gotta go to bed now.

2 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

hmpf. i do not have access to internet when i want to (i am visiting my sister´s house now). dad brought his laptop to Butan and the new computer at home does not have internet yet. well, that is the reason why the updates are so few.

have been visiting different Christmas markets today..cosy. but the weather is so bad here. rainy and it so much more in Östersund where the ground is WHITE!

gonna be social with mom, sister and her boyfriend now.

1 December 2007  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

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