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November (2021)


The trip by train went well and it feels good to be back even if it snows here..hehe. Spring, where are you? Guess I will have to wait.

Mixed feelings inside of me, as usual. Think I am going to visit my parents and stay around that area. Just gonna stay here first some days. Gosh, a train ride again..a least with some company this time.

I am not tired, which is weird. Well...jet lag, but hmm, I did not sleep that many hours. I am weird. Or just full of thoughts?! Ok. This blog entry is kind of weird, so I think I will stop here.

27 Februari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
Arlanda Airport

...and I am back in Sweden. Gaaaah. Want so badly to go back. Have cried a lot. A lot. So here I am, sitting and waiting for my train to come. Do not like this feeling inside of me.. I don´t want to hear Swedish all around me and I do not want to be so far away. But I am close in my heart.

thank you for everything, my special friend.

27 Februari 2008  | Länk | Resor | 2 kommentarer

I am leaving the States tonight (2 AM Swedish time) and will be back in Ostersund on Wednesday evening. Do not want to leave..


yes. i. am. sad.

26 Februari 2008  | Länk | Resor | 0 kommentar
more pictures




beautiful country side...


Lake Janaluska

Family dinner with an open fire.
Loved it.

23 Februari 2008  | Länk | Resor | 4 kommentarer
some music

I actually sang and played the piano last Sunday. Click on this link if you want to listen. It will probably pretty soon change to another "Special Music" song after this coming Sunday.


23 Februari 2008  | Länk | Resor | 0 kommentar
Wednesday and Thursday

Wonderful sunny and pretty warm day!

L is driving, talking on the phone and drinking Starbucks coffee

love it #1
never wanted it to be finished

love it #2

wonderful blueberry pancakes with syrup and icecream

americanish?! hehe
right outside of Cracker Barrel

the final paper for the class is done!

21 Februari 2008  | Länk | Resor | 1 kommentar
La la la laaa

20 Februari 2008  | Länk | Resor | 3 kommentarer

Ok. Here is an update with pictures..

Me sitting and waiting at the airport

arlanda airport

L and L


L took this really crazy and close up picture of me

me playing and singing in church


on our way to the restaurant

at the restaurant

american street

view from Ls house

17 Februari 2008  | Länk | Resor | 4 kommentarer
Greetings from North Carolina

The long trip of in total 30 hours, is over! But it was totally worth it! Love to be here and of course I have been taking plenty of pictures. Yay. Will post them later, or hmm, might do that soon. Hehe. Just need to get them from the camera to my computer, change them a bit (the size) and then get them on this computer.

Just wanted you to know that all the travel went well!

17 Februari 2008  | Länk | Resor | 1 kommentar

Eating late lunch with C now. All my things are packed, I have changed to really comfortable clothes - "my travel outfit" and I am heading for the bus, which will take me to the airport, in about an hour. The sky is blue and the sun is shining. Love it. Aaaah, feels so great.

Sorry, this is the only thing I am writing about now...hehe.

hejsvej sverige.
hej amerikat.

15 Februari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar
soon and very soon

just the book seminar tomorrow, then i´ll leave for arlanda airport. yay! gaaah, have not packed yet. just typical me (at least nowdays). can not really find anything to write about..i am just so excited!!! 
14 Februari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

i just hate that room and that thing.
hate it. hate it. hate it.

i have been busy and will be the coming days too. school project with book seminar on Friday, papers to finish, things to prepare before leaving for the States, thoughts to take care of...and so on.

visited "D" today and it was really good and i needed their hugs a lot. hugs of support, hugs of understanding and hugs of love. mmmm, love hugs.

it is a fight tonight and the right side just have to win. i am fighting.

13 Februari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

I am leaving Sweden for the United States on Saturday!!!
 Will actually leave Östersund on Friday already.
Can not believe this. Gaaah!
North Carolina here I come!

I am so excited!!!

11 Februari 2008  | Länk | Resor | 2 kommentarer
it is crowded in town

gosh. there are so many people in Östersund now. today was the opening of the world championship and Sahara Hotnights (a swedish rock band) performed in the park - yay!! went to N and M´s place after the performance (since all the pubs were crowded and too full of people) has never happend before, at least during my time here. wow. even though, it was a really nice evening. tomorrow (or actually today) will I go to Stockholm. b-day party for my aunt. gaaah. i have not packed yet. will go back home on sunday or monday, i think.

gosh, i am so glad today!!! and about the plans i had stuck in my head...they are not longer there, since i know what i am going to do in one week. YAY! will write more about it on monday. i am excited!!!!

a light decorated house

big screen in the park

4 of 5

9 Februari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer

i have some plans stuck in my head.
please, let it happend.
i am working on it.
really hard.

8 Februari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

I will today share with you some crazy pictures my friend took just a few minutes ago. Yes, I love blueberries and of course my lips, teeth and tongue turned blue/purple. Nice, isn´t it?!


disgusting but funny

6 Februari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer

The book I´m reading for class now is driving me crazy!! Seriously. It´s called Beyond Racial Divides - that sounds pretty interetsing BUT to read about the Maori people in New Zeeland where they, in the book, mix English AND the Maori language makes me feel even more sick! Hmpf. A sentence can be like this: "Those belonging to the river tribe Ati hau nui a Paparangi have used this whakatauki for thousands of years to the present day". Well, I have at least learned some Maori language and words in English I´ve never heard of before (even my American friend needed to think about the word before she could explain it for me...).

It´s going to be so nice to meet a friend/some friends from "D" and have some fika at a café. I so need it right now. A looooooong break (at least two hours).

over and out.

5 Februari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer
Östersund - The winter city

Ice skating park at the lake

Motorscooter is quite in common around this area
[Yes, I´m kind of a tourist who think it´s exotic..haha]

People walking at the frozen lake

1. C is taking a walk in the COLD weather.
2. I found the Ameican flag!!
(there were flags from all over the world since the world championship starts soon)

Love this area.

The path to Frösön (to the island)...

..and we found these weird, ugly, colored trees.

Love this view so peaceful

4 Februari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer
Saturday evening

Went to my favourite restaurant (Lilla Siam) last night.

On our way..

..still on our way to the restaurant.
Östersund is turning to be the "Winter City" and they have decorated the city with some ornaments like uplighted balls in the trees. Interesting but kind of nice.

At the restaurant


Irish Coffee at a pub after the restaurant
Like it a lot.

3 Februari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 6 kommentarer

i feel like the worst girl ever.
hate it.

3 Februari 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

africans just do not know about good african music (at least the ones i met  tonight). meh. wanted to dance in an african way..but no one teached me.

it was just crazy and i run away.

I´m listening to Jason Mraz and thinking a lot.
Do not know if it is good or bad.

This is confusing.
Need to talk, I think.

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