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November (2021)


my friends are back in town after their time incident (they forgot about change to summertime and therefore missed their train back home). but they are back now and tonight is it take away sushi and movie at our place. gaaah. i have seen so many movies this weekend. but i like it. i like these weekends between two classes and you are totally off from school.

30 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
saturday [updated]

going to fika at news today with A.

will skip the tobacco pipe though..hehe

[pictures from News]

random things..

  • gonna wear my new jeans today.
  • want to rent a movie tonight and thinking of this one.
    [a psychological one where i can analyze a lot..yay]
    i´m not gonna see Sweeney Todd though, i promise L.
  • i want to do some more shopping [again..meh].
  • chocolate would be nice to have at home.
  • i´m glad i live close to the café.
  • my goal during the weekend is to read a bit for the new class.
  • i should take a shower now.

[update 18:00]

  • tasty, good and cosy fika with A 
  • have rent five movies!!!

it´s getting dark. a warm blanket, some cold ice cream and hopefully good movies.
The couch, here I come.

picture from B&J

hope you´re having a great saturday.

PS. Don´t forget change to summertime tonight.
We´ll have to skip one hour.

29 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

the school work is done for this class (FINALLY!) and a new really interesting class will start on monday. yay. have been shopping today and it means a lot in other ways than just get new clothes. found a really nice pair of jeans and a tank top. i´m confused but kind of glad. it´s weird, but i let myself feel in this way right now.

i have new clothes!
[yes, some pictures of it..only for you, E..hehe]

28 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar

I am for sure gonna see this during fall.
Helen Sjöholm is back!

[picture from Oscarsteatern]

27 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

i just want to play music during the days...

that´s life.


remembering my time in uppsala where we used to have jammin´nights.

good memories.

26 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar

can´t concentrate on school work at all today so i am listening to some music and trying to get the focus back. so many thoughts in my head.

just love
portishead - glory box
- missy higgnis - nightminds
- nickel creek - jealous of the moon
- portishead - roads
- amos lee - keep it loose, keep it tight

can listen to them over and over again.

can´t stop listen to this song.

i´m so thankful for all my friends. the ones physical close and the ones across the ocean. thank you for fighting against her, when i don´t feel strong enough. thank you for all your words that i need to hear. thank you for all your caring. thank you for all your laugh. thank you for all your hugs.
thank you.

25 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer
lost in daydreams

I want so badly to spend days in the archipelago. I will for sure, in summer..but it feels like forever until then. But i let myself dream and think about it today. Need it.

Pictures from my sister!

24 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar
having a break

Just want to tell you all that I am still alive,
but having a break from the blog.


Wish you all a Happy Easter!


20 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar

We are taking care of a dog today and she is so cute and social.

17 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 5 kommentarer

I have fallen in love...







... in Amos Lee!

But sometimes,
We forget what we got,
Who we are.
Oh who are are not.
I think we gotta chance,
To make it right.
Keep it loose,
Keep it tight.
Keep it tight.

[Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight]

[pictures from and from here]

16 Mars 2008  | Länk | Kändisar | 1 kommentar
It is Saturday...

...and I am off for a party.

But first the Swedish Song Contest.


15 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar
B-day party

Was a great b-day party last night!

[the pictures are a bit blurry though..sorry]
S and M (the b-day kid!)

crazy me

M - Me playing some..

Me, M and N

Parts of "the gang"
[Me, N, C, M and S]

15 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar

The final day of the last school project (at least in this way) is over. Yes, it is already over !! We were the first group so we got off at 10. Yay!

Today it´s M´s b-day, so dinner tonight with the "gang" and who knows where it´s gonna end. Jiha.

It will probably be crazy and fun!

Hope you all will have a great weekend!


14 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar

So today was the big day. I wore my black converse for the first time. Love them! I also got white ones when I was in the States, but think I´ll have to wait until at least the end of May to wear them here in Östersund. Hmpf. It´s still snow..but not that much anymore.

And my cousin Julia finally got the white ones..
Which one did her sister, V, get?
[Do I have to mention yours, L? Peace.]
We are crazy about these shoes..hehe.

13 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
serious studies...

...ok, i was taking pictures and that explains a lot. mouhaha. well i was at least concentrated the first 30 minutes AND we got some work done today.

Tonight: Grey´s Anatomy at N and M´s.

12 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer

Back in Östersund after 8 HOURS of traveling..The sun is shining and I think C and I will go out for a while - get some fresh air..Perhaps a take away coffee by the lake?! Sounds good to me. Feels good to be back - hang around with friends!

over and out.

11 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar
you don´t have to worry

Some days are grey and some days are more colorful. What you all have to know is that things are not like they used to be. I have changed a lot and can face things better today. Last night was a time when I was sad and confused. I let the feelings come and tried to face them. It is still a process where I have to work hard, but I am fighting. Today is a new day and even if I still feel sad for things that have happend, I can handle it and face this day pretty good.

About the lyrics from the song I wrote down yesterday; I love that song and I can relate it to some things, but it does not mean I am stuck in old bad things.

I have been thinking if I am gonna skip to write some things down here. Of course I do not write everything..I have my journal. But if I find something I want to share with me, I do it and I will continue to do it.

Thank you all for your caring, but you don´t have to worry. 

Love ya´

10 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
Empty Room

Sitting here alone with my memories
Staring at a picture of you and me
They say I look fine but if walls could talk
Theyd tell you all about how much I break apart
I think we were right but we did it all wrong
Ever since you left me I just cant go on
No, I can’t even read the news today
Cause everything reminds me of yesterday

Empty room
Empty heart
Since youve been gone
I must move on
Empty room

[Sanna Nielsen]

crap. why?

9 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer

It has been a good day. Yay! I have tried to enjoy every moment and it has worked out pretty good. Another yay!

- went downtown to the library and got the book I need for class
- visited my grandparents
- great lunch with a friend
- road trip (pretty short though) to my sister
- tacos, open fire, and The Song Contest on TV

Why are the nights always so hard? Why can some feelings and emotions change so fast? Think I am gonna head for bed and read a bit in the book I bought the other day. I think I need it. Ugh, hate these nights. It is coming..I can just feel it and I surely know this feeling. But I am going to try to focus on all the good things. I will not let the bad side overcome the good side. I will use the good side to overcome the bad side.
8 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
back in Norrköping



I am back in Norrköping and this was a really good trip in many ways.


I hate to see a friend of mine
Laughing out loud
When shes crying inside
But youve got your pride

Starin down the stars
Jealous of the moon
You wish you could fly
But youre stayin where you are
Theres nothin you can do
If youre too scared to try

[Nickel Creek - "Jealous of the moon" ]

- A, I am thinking of you.

7 Mars 2008  | Länk | Resor | 3 kommentarer
Skåne + Denmark

This is weird. I am in Skåne and of course it´s snow here..hmpf. But the sun is shining from a blue sky and today will my mom, my aunt and I go to Denmark - just for the day. Great. But it feels a little bit strange because today is today - March the 5th.
5 Mars 2008  | Länk | Resor | 2 kommentarer
Arlanda Airport (again)

It seems like this has turned in to a tradition. Airports. Internet. Me - writing here. Yes, I am at the airport again. Gosh, have been traveling a lot the last weeks. I like it - do not want to stay at one place for a longer period of time. I am waiting for my sister to get off from work (she is working at Arlanda today - do not ask me why..I have no clue), then are we heading for Norrköping. So..I am trying to kill another hour here. Yay.

over and out. 

4 Mars 2008  | Länk | Resor | 1 kommentar

So I am  heading for Skåne tomorrow (visit my aunt). Going to be really nice! Will probably not update this blog until Friday when I am in Norrköping. So...take care!

It was summer last time I was in Skåne..


The beach (close where my aunt lives)


4 Mars 2008  | Länk | Resor | 1 kommentar
a list


  • I have not been out during the daylight today
  • I have been thinking too much
  • My suitecase is heavy (again) and I need to carry it a lot on Tuesday
    (it is packed with things I want to get back to my parents house)
  • It has been hard to see some of my friends
  • I have changed a lot and I am sad that some people seem to not understand that
  • Bad thoughts
  • Done stupid things


  • Music!!!
  • I have organized things and packed a suitecase to bring back home
  • I have sent and received text messages from a friend a lot during the last two days - awesome!
  • I am glad for my wonderful friends
  • I am going to Skåne on Tuesday
  • I will see A-B tomorrow
  • It is choir practice tomorrow evening
  • I will talk with L tomorrow
  • It is movienight with my friends tonight
  • I am trying to face the day as good as I can
  • I have washed all my clothes today so everything is clean
  • I am hopefully going to move


2 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 3 kommentarer

..miss it, because I feel trapped now.

2 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar
Mmmm. Starbucks.

I miss Starbucks. 
Why do not we have it here in Sweden?

Wonderful Cinnamon Dolce Latte

But I make my own great coffee drink every morning and drink it with my "Grande To Go Tumbler by Starbucks® Coffee".
love it.

some of the pictures from

1 Mars 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

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