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Augusti (2022)

a break

so i´m heading for a very short trip to Gothenburg. will later go to a place in the middle of nowhere for some days =) which means there will be a break from this blog for some days. i´ll be back on wednesday.

just to let you know.
take care.

over and out.

28 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar
yesterday and today

.downtown with my cousin. craziness. one pair of jeans shorts, a long sleeve thin sweater, a skirt, pants, a dress and a t-shirt. studied for several hours. drove the car. packed the car with a bike. laughter. stomach aches. thoughts. plans. talks.



plans for today
wash clothes
- study
- pack (heading for Gothenburg tomorrow morning)
- talk with L

27 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar
oh boy - miss li

i like this craziness

24 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
tuesday [updated]

where´s summer? it´s cold and rainy..makes me sad.

sunshine, please

i´m freezing all the time


rest in peace emma

a wonderful dog is spending time with Bessie now and they are running and playing together. i can almost hear them...they are both free from all the pain now. thanks for all the joy you two have given me

you will always remain in my heart

24 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 6 kommentarer

a new week and a new start

m e  l i k e.


23 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar
midsummer pics

jumping. woo hoo.

crazy faces


T got full and tired

there were some really blue sky sometimes


...because E entertained.


it was cold..

picking flowers

we are working on it




21 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

Hope you will have a great midsummer!

19 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

i am running late AGAIN with the english assignment. guess, this is how i nowadays work...gosh, i´ve changed alot. so gonna study today - finish the assignment then finally cut and colour my hair. need it so badly.

i get really tired of myself sometimes and i have come to understand that i think waaaaay too much. BUT how do i change my thoughts? i can´t stop to think. gosh, this is really frustrating (as you can see)..hmm. i need to focus on something totally different when there are too many thoughts,  BUT again, how? it´s hard to just change the subject when you´re busy to think. i have to practice alot and perhaps one day it will work out fine..without me even analyzing and think that i have to change my thoughts. mmm. that´s a goal. this was a really confusing text. sorry. but it was just about my thoughts. hehe.

so now i´m gonna think on my english assignment. just the assignment. nothing else. yes, i am working on it. trying.

over and out.

19 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 4 kommentarer

- study
- meet A-L downtown
- b-day party for my cousin
- talk with L

by the way. i can´t go to bed at 21 already. i just wake up at 3 in the morning then. it´s insane. but glad i know people i can call then. like night talks/early morning talks and it was beautiful outside.

i´m crazy.
but kind of like it.

18 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar
things made me smile yesterday

  • to see my uncle...he´s in love.
  • talked with my grandparents who were feeling waaaaay much better
  • jumped alot (trampoline)
  • ate strawberries
  • watched old video tapes with me and my former class singing on TV/different concerts/class trip etc. memories.
  • talked with my special friend

so better take a shower, get dressed and i´m off downtown..

16 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
crazy yesterday

  • worked in Linköping
  • train-ride back to Norrköping
  • fika at Broadway Express with my cousin
  • a man walked in to the café and realized he knew my cousin. turns out he´s playing the violin at the final of Wilhelm Stenhammar International Music Competition and asked if we wanted to listen to it. so we did, for free. me like. it was crazy. but i like these unexpected happenings.

random pictures taken yesterday

baked a chocolate cake at the kindergarten
(it´s for their coming picnic on Monday)
the picture is for you L. hehe.

on my way from train station to see my cousin
love the parks in Norrköping

the café

the stage

there were more people later..

remembering this river last year when the american group was here...
(there were no water then)

drove my cousin back home.
the sunbeams shone through the clouds.


14 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 5 kommentarer

+ all the kids at the kindergarten where i worked today, met a friend i haven´t seen since ´06, i´ve "found" an amazing song, glad to have some american friends who can help me out with some assignments, gucci, diet coke and talks with L. 
- i miss the weather we used to have (it´s all cloudy and chilly now), i´m losing alot of hair, bad thoughts, diet coke, spiders, i´m tired and confused.

picture from here

i just want to relax in a warm and sunny park close to water
listen to music, read or talk about life with a friend

12 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
honesty...[updated] to feel what you truly feel and not act or try to ignore your emotions

The Call

It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word

And then that word grew louder and louder
Til it was a battle cry

I´ll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye

Just because everything´s changing
Doesn´t mean its never
Been this way before

All you can do is try to know
Who your friends are
As you head off to the war

Pick a star on the dark horizon
And follow the light

You´ll come back
When it´s over
No need to say good bye

You´ll come back
When it´s over
No need to say good bye..

Now we´re back to the beginning
It´s just a feeling and no one knows yet
But just because they can´t feel it too
Doesn´t mean that you have to forget

Let your memories grow stronger and stronger
Til they´re before your eyes

You´ll come back
When they call you
No need to say good bye

You´ll come back
When they call you
No need to say good bye..

[Regina Spektor]


i have to let things be. but it´s scary. i have to choose the, for many people, right road. but it´s scary. i am sick tired of many things..i have to change it. i am the only one who can change it.. but it feels good to not walk alone. tack for all your love.

11 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer
new dress

a great tan...hehe

10 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 1 kommentar
tuesday morning...

...and i have been awake for an hour. meh. can´t sleep..

my room is finally organized. yay. took me a day and a half to get it done. going downtown today for some errands, then study some (i´m taking a summer course in english). other than that: play some piano and guitar and talk with L - yay! pretty much the plans for today.

10 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar
an afternoon with my niece and nephew

9 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar
goodbye östersund

so i am leaving östersund tomorrow. perhaps for the rest of my life...we´ll see. but i´m facing new adventures! denmark. woo hoo. but first summer in norrköping.

tomorrow school from about 8 to 12 then road trip to norrköping.

over and out.

5 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

woke up this morning and looked out...mmm, clear blue sky and the sun is shining so bright and warm. it´s gonna be a warm day today. yay. gonna eat dinner with my friends in the park, sit on an outside street café and just enjoy one of our last days together here in östersund. feels weird and sad...

spend time with my friends.

that´s what i´m gonna do the coming two days. then drive homehome..

3 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 0 kommentar
random pics from the latest days

love her

me, n and c - t and me
woo hoo crazy expressions

choir practise - the church where we had our concert

still practising but my view - dresscode: something white and then jeans

one of the other choirs practising their songs

it has been great weather the latest days
love the clear bue sky

the marina..just a few boats so far

1 Juni 2008  | Länk | Vardag | 2 kommentarer

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