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Hej och välkomna till the story of my LandgrenLife. Have fun.
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Rap Das Armas

I cant sleep at night anymore. Im just laying there and waiting for the morning.
Never had those problems before. Its ennoying.

But there is a good thing with it tho, I went up at 8 o clock (Im free today) and I went to the gym. That is a gooood thing. Cause I was so tired and Im still that tired but I dont have time to sleep today, I have to study. Dont sleep, dont sleep...aaarrg...

We have started with our spa-therapist education now on school, I think that I can live with it for some weeks... but its not THAT funny really. And I got a placa to have my practical training on, its gonna be in Denmark, Snekkersten, and Im gonna live with Giddan. It will be GREAT!

Okey, now, : shower and then coffee, and then STUDY out in the SUN!
Believe it or not!
10 September 2009  | Länk | Livet | 0 kommentar

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